My Personal Projects

Fate of The Dice

A Pygame project made in 48 hours for a game jam, a little event where game developers gather online to make a game within a certain time period.


A Discord bot I named SkyBot, was my first major project. I utilised Discord's library to create this bot and this was a project that really reeled me into programming, and taught me many lessons(from both good and bad experiences).


My second Discord bot, inspired by Discord's text-based game, Dank Memer. It was another major Discord bot of mine, a text-based game revolving around a medieval-fantasy world, and it was a warm welcome to the world of SQL and JSON.


My first major web project, a social media platform with a friendly user interface. It was here I discovered my love-hate relationship with designing websites. I love seeing a mere mock design turn into something visual and interactive. Technologies used include Python's Flask.