Hello! My name is Daniel and I absolutely adore programming. From simple console “Hello World” programs to large applications, I just love all of it. For the past few months now, I’ve been wondering, why do I like programming? Well, here are a few answers. Programming is a very rewarding and challenging hobby/profession. There’s just something about the ecstatic feeling of satiation you get when you solve a bug, or devise a concise and elegant algorithm that allows you to create whatever you want.

I’ve been programming for about a year now and will from now on be using this website/blog to document my journey into the programming world so that I may one day look back upon all these projects and reminisce the hardships as well as the sweet memories and experiences.

Projects and details about them will go into the Projects page whilst the development logs will be going into my Posts page. I plan to have the posts page contain both programming and life updates so that things can be a little more organised for a better viewing experience.