About Me

My name’s Daniel Tam Zhong Yi, and welcome to my blog. In this blog, I share details about my life, showcase my projects, present my qualifications and share tutorials on programming and my opinions on happenings in the world of Computer Science. 

My hopes for this blog are that they function well as a personal portfolio as well as a Computer Science blog for developers in the dark. My primary aim for the Computer Science and programming tutorials are to inform others of topics that I struggled with, or at least struggled to find information on so that it may act as a reference not just for my future self, but also as a guide for others into escaping from whatever rabbit hole they’ve found themselves stuck in. 

I also find that a common struggle for self-learners are the fact that there are so many resources and articles out there, but you’ll find that most of them are unreliable or are very often too generalised and lack concreteness. Consequently, other sources then tend to “copy” these already unreliable sources, and the cycle of using unreliable resources to create even more unreliable resources begins, overshadowing the academically qualified texts and articles. That’s why I tend to prefer learning from open academic resources such as MIT OCW texts and the lot of it. 

In conclusion, with this blog I aim to provide concrete information on various topics based on proper research, but also in a comprehensible manner fit for the self-learner. I also want to put out content on rather niche topics where texts and resources are scarce, as well as guides to commonly-taught yet difficult topics in which beginners may find difficulty in truly understanding the topic. In the case of any doubtful or unnecessarily ambiguous content I happen to be putting out, do leave a comment to let me know of any mistakes so that amendments may be made if seen fit.

As of the time of writing(October 25th, 2023), I am a high school graduate prepping for my journey into college life. Hobbies of mine include programming, dabbling in 3D modelling, the occasional photography, and playing the guitar and piano.